RCA Certification Renewal

RCACC certified professionals must apply for certification renewal (i.e. recertification) every five years.

The purpose of renewal is to ensure that Certified Research Chefs and Certified Culinary Scientists maintain a level of competence and continue to enhance their knowledge through professional development activities.


Download the RCA Certification Renewal Guidelines


Renewal Applications

Please be sure you are logged into your RCA website account before clicking the button below. Once logged in, select the correct application form you would like to complete from the drop down provided after clicking the button below.


Renewal Application Fee

The renewal application fees for members and non-members are $275 and $550 respectively.

The application fee increases by $100 after each missed deadline. If the application and payment is submitted between October 2 and December 31 of the fifth year of certification, fees for members and non-members are $375 and $650 respectively. One year past certification, fees for members and non-members are $475 and $750 respectively.

After two years, the re-certification is non-renewable, and to regain certification, such individuals will be required to reapply and begin the certification process from the starting point, pay applicable fees and pass the exam for their respective certification.

Interested in becoming an RCA member? For more information regarding membership, click here or contact RCA Headquarters via phone (312) 321-6861, or email.



Please contact RCA Certification by email or call RCA Headquarters.