RCA Certification Renewal

Certified Research Chefs™ (CRC®s) and Certified Culinary Scientists™ (CCS®s) must renew their certification every five years to maintain certification status.


Renewal requires at least 75 hours collectively from continuing education or professional contributions from the date of the most recent certification (five-year period). Please review the Certification Renewal Guidelines for required contact hours and acceptable documentation. Documentation of all continuing education and professional contribution contact hours must be submitted with your renewal application. 

Download the RCA Certification Renewal Guidelines

Renewal Timeline

Certification must be renewed by October of the fifth year. After that point, the certification will be considered expired. An expired CRC®/CCS® designation may no longer be used, but it may be reinstated. During the three years after the certification lapses, it may be renewed with a variable fee penalty and a pro-rated number of RCA contact hours required. After year eight, the certification is non-renewable and individuals must begin the initial certification process anew and submit new initial certification application and pass the current version of the certification exam. 

Renewal Application and Fees

To renew your certification, gather the documentation of your educational and professional qualifications, then use one of the links below to submit your renewal application. Please note, the application must be completed in one sitting. You will not be able to save and return to the incomplete application at a later time. 

The renewal application fees for members and non-members are $275 and $550 respectively, if renewed and paid by October 1 of the fifth year. If the application and payment is submitted between October 2 and December 31 of the fifth year of certification, fees for members and non-members are $375 and $650 respectively. One year past certification, fees for members and non-members are $475 and $750 respectively.

Certification Renewal Application - RCA Members

 Certification Renewal Application - Nonmembers


Please contact the RCA Certification Commission.