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The Research Chefs Association is the leading professional community for food research and development. Its members are the pioneers of the discipline of Culinology® - the blending of culinary arts and the science of food.
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Continue to enhance your professional palate within a dynamic network of product development professionals in the food industry.
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The RCA Conference

From taste to smell to feeling and hearing, we can't wait to ignite your senses with food, in person, March 23-25, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.
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RCA Connect is the RCA’s online-community for quickly connecting with your fellow members in the leading resource for practitioners of Culinology®.
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RCA offers many ways for you to connect, communicate, share, build relationships and interact with the Culinology® community. Follow @Culinology on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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Culinology® Book

Understand how and why things happen to food in the new Culinology® book. Written by more than 50 Culinology® professionals, you will explore an exciting new world of food research and development.
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RCA introduces and fosters the discipline of Culinology® to students. RCA students are paving the way as they embark on a career as food R&D professionals through sharing their passion for food and insights on industry trends.
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