Culinology® Education
Foundation Scholarship

The Culinology® Education Foundation places
great value on education.

Key to the Foundation's mission is providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships to qualified students pursuing higher learning opportunities in Culinology®, culinary arts and food science.

The Foundation is proud to make educational opportunities possible for a greater number of students and food industry professionals who are committed to Culinology®.

Michele Block
Memorial Scholarship

The Michele Block Memorial Scholarship was created by RCA and Darifair Foods (now Rubix Foods) in 2006 to honor the memory of Michele Block.

Michele Block was a long-time member of the RCA and Vice President of Marketing for Darifair Foods, one of RCA's founding sponsors. During her time on the Board of Directors, Block acted as the Associate representative. Her dedication to building the organization's successful partnership program, as well as helping to plan several annual conferences, has significantly advanced RCA's mission and contributed immeasurably to its many accomplishments.

Tyson Foods

The Tyson Foods Scholarship was established in 2016 to create an opportunity for individuals to succeed in the discipline of Culinology®.

The scholarship provides financial assistance in the form of a $1,000 scholarship for qualified students enrolled in a culinary arts or food science program at a college or higher level. Preference may be given to RCA-approved Culinology® degree program students and/or those pursuing a degree with a meat science emphasis.

Bill "Pops" Hahne

The Bill "Pops" Hahne Memorial Scholarship Fund was initiated in March 2008 to honor the many contributions of Bill Hahne to the association.

Known fondly as "Pops" among the RCA community, Hahne was a founding member of the association and served the RCA throughout the years in various leadership roles, including president, treasurer, and long-time board member. In addition, he helped to establish the Culinology® Education Foundation and served as director for many years after its inception in 2002.

Black Boar Truffle
Student Scholarship

The Black Boar Truffle Student Scholarship was created in February 2022.

Black Boar Truffle offers Kosher certified, culinary-ready, versatile, easy to use, flavor-enhancing truffle products, affordable and readily accessible for commercial kitchens, manufacturers, and everyday home. They hold students in high regard, and recognize the future of outstanding product development and innovation rests with talented students within RCA.

New England
Region Student
® Scholarship


 The New England Region of the RCA (NERCA) provides a student scholarship program specifically for the New England region, as a way to acknowledge the academic pursuit of students studying Culinary® Arts and Food Science and their goals to encompass Culinology® within their future goals in the food industry.

Scholarships are awarded on the merits of:

Academic achievement; a minimum 3.0 GPA.

A focus on Culinology® and food science

Active RCA student member

Currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a New England school or university (CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME).

Get Involved. Join the Student Committee Today!

Join us in creating the future of food by getting involved with the RCA Student Committee. If you are a RCA student we would love to have you join the RCA Student Committee! If you are interested in helping with the below initiatives please let us know.

Example initiatives:
  • Planning student events at a regional level
  • Promoting the Food Evolution Competition and encouraging submissions
  • Recruiting students from every RCA recognized school to join the Student Committee
  • Publishing blog posts to The Culinologist, a place where students, professionals, and food geeks share their food interests
  • Creating and establishing a student presence on RCA social media platforms
  • And more!

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