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RCA's Employment Network connects the top R&D talent to food companies seeking qualified Culinology®, culinary arts and food science professionals.

Job and internship seekers can count on the Employment Network as a reliable, current listing of opportunities that speak to their qualifications and aspirations. To search jobs, log in as an RCA member and use the search button below.

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Pricing for each four-month employment posting:

This online listing of up-to-date job and internship opportunities offers a targeted approach to hiring for companies and recruiters seeking candidates who are committed to the food research and development industry segment. To submit a posting opportunity, contact RCA Headquarters.

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Note: employment postings are nonrefundable, and RCA makes no guarantee on the quantity of qualified applicants.

Why use the RCA Employment Network?

Take the targeted approach to hiring the top R&D talent in the food industry.

Approximately 2,000 RCA members have access to the Employment Network, helping your company or client connect quickly and cost effectively to a qualified pool of applicants that include Certified Research Chefs, Certified Culinary Scientists and recent Culinology® degree graduates.

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