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Culinology Currents, August 8, 2019

Haley Carson • Aug 08, 2019
Celebrating the CBD Food Trend 
August 8 is National CBD Day in the United States, and there’s no denying that CBD and cannabis are both hot right now on the food scene.
Lucky for you, we covered this emerging trend at the RCA Conference last March in Louisville. Watch Shehzad Hoosein's presentation, "Opportunities and Challenges for Innovation With Cannabis-Infused Products."
Check out this article from Forbes to read more about some of the best CBD-infused food and drink on the market now. 
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Embrace Pacific Rim Fusion in Napa
The RCA Event in Napa taking place October 3-4 has just added expert chefs and lecturers to the line-up of advanced-level training and international cuisines.
Chef Tom Griffiths will dive into the culinary implications between active and sedentary fish, and why it’s best to cook certain types of fish using specific techniques that bring forth their optimal texture and flavor.
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You Are the Future of the Industry
Are you a student pursuing higher learning opportunities in Culinology®? If you answered “yes,” you may be eligible to receive a scholarship from the Culinology® Education Foundation!
Learn more about these valuable opportunities to support your Culinology® education. Deserving students will be awarded their scholarships at the 2020 RCA Conference in San Diego next spring. 
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How to Get Involved With Your Region
By Alexa McKay
Volunteers are at the heart of RCA. They strive to build and develop all aspects of Culinology across several important committees – all to help RCA achieve its goals.
Alexa McKay, RCA Northwest Arkansas Regional Chair, shares her "5 Tips for Regional Chairs" to help other dedicated RCA members get more involved.
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Shake Shack Shakes it Up
"What’s it like to develop products for cult-favorite gourmet burger chain Shake Shack? Since day one, the restaurant has developed a loyal following with its Angus beef burgers, crinkle cut fries and frozen custards. Today, Shake Shack is known for its high quality classics as much as it is for its limited time offerings and buzzworthy collaborations, so R&D members such as Allison Oesterle, Shake Shack’s senior director of product development and quality assurance, are central to its ongoing success."
Read more about this entrepreneurial burger brand in the latest issue of Culinology® magazine.
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Press Release | "Electric Productions Presents 'Trending Today,' a Television Series Airing on FOX Business Featuring Culinary Innovations and the Future Of Food"
The Culinologist Podcast | "CuliNex Director of Brand Protection, Taylor Walker, Discusses Her Superpower of End-to-End Commercialization
RCA Blog | Did you miss National Mojito Day on July 11?
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