CRC® and CCS® Practice TEST

The practice test is an outstanding tool to help you prepare for your certification exam. There are fifty (50) questions in the practice test, and the questions represent the types of questions you’ll see on the final certification exam. Practice test questions have the same rigor as the final exam, as all practice test questions were developed in conjunction with the questions in the final exam.  You will earn one continuing education credit for completing the practice test.

Please note: The questions on the practice test come from RCA’s final exam question database, but are not used on current exams or have been retired from previous final exams. While the practice test questions come from RCA’s exam database, your performance on the practice test does not represent your actual exam results.

When you purchase the RCA practice test, you will take the test once. You will see your correct and incorrect answers – which will help you identify weaker areas that may require additional study to properly prepare for your final certification exam.

Regardless of whether you’re preparing for your CRC or CCS, the RCA practice test offers questions that cover topics relevant to both final exams.

Price: $59 non-refundable.  You will take the test once but will have unlimited access to your answers to help you prepare for your final certification exam.

To purchase your practice test, please click here

Steps to take your practice test:
  • Please click here to visit the practice test website – and have your credit card ready.
  • Set up your account with a user name and password and save your credentials – you’ll need this information to access the practice test.
  • Your full test results will be emailed to you. Note you will only take the practice test once.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to use PayPal to purchase your test; note that PayPal will be a pop-up window for the transaction.
  • Once confirmed, you’re all set to take your practice test.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does the practice test cost? The practice test is $59.
  • Can I earn CE hours for taking the practice test? Yes – you will earn one continuing education hour once you complete the test. A certificate of completion will be made available in Classmarker upon completion. 
  • Can I take the practice test more than once? You can take the test once. If you wish to take the test a second time, you must set up and pay for a new account. Please note that your test answers will be emailed to you.
  • Can I pay using something other than PayPal? The RCA practice test is hosted by the online testing service Classmarker, which can only accept PayPal payments.
  • If I do well on my practice test, will I pass my final certification exam? Your performance on the practice test does not guarantee a passing grade on the actual final exam. The practice test is designed to help candidates prepare for their exam, and does not represent your actual final exam results.
  • Why should I take the practice test? Your answers on the practice test will help you identify particular subject areas that require additional study. If you have difficulty on certain practice exam questions, you’ll have the opportunity to study those areas in preparation for your final exam.
  • Are there separate practice tests for each RCA certification? No, there is one practice exam. The questions in the practice exam come from RCA’s exam question database, and represent content common to both (CRC and CCS) final exams.